Bar Milese


Bar Milese was established in Alghero, a city in north-western Sardinia, during the inter-war period by Francesco Porcu and his wife, Lillina, who originally came from Milis, a town in the province of Oristano from which the bar takes its name. Initially, they specialised above all in the sale of citrus fruits and the white wine known as Vernaccia, which were the traditional products of their rural area.
In 1971, Antonio Gavino Fiori and his wife, Maria, both natives of Sassari, returned from Australia, where they had emigrated years before. They purchased the bar and continued to run the business under the same name. For some considerable time, the bar’s most frequent visitors were the fishermen who would make their way to the bar every morning before heading out to sea.
The new management continues to this day to run the business as a bar, but what has really drawn the crowds to Bar Milese from all corners of Europe is the highly lauded Focaccia del Milese®, the Sardinian filled focaccia specially created by Signora Maria. Focaccia del Milese® and Focaccia Sarda Ripiena® are registered trademarks.

Maria Pasqua Provenzi, 1955.