A History, A Book

Since 1971, Il Milese.

There are two things that tourists visiting Alghero want to do: see Neptune’s Caves and savour the focaccia at Bar Milese.” So it states in the introduction to the book written and edited by Pasquale Porcu – a respected journalist with a passion for all things gourmet – and published by Carlo Delfino Editore.

This book tells the story of Bar Milese, charting its development from its early days right up to the present, but it also describes the people who over the years have helped to build the business that we know and love today. It is a deep-dive into the past, enhanced by stories and embellished by black-and-white photographs that encapsulate lives marked out by passion, commitment, strength of character…and a lot of smiling! Take a look at the first few pages…